Welcome to Palm Beach Outpatient Detox & Concierge Psychiatry.

We specialize in outpatient alcohol detox and outpatient opiate detox and and offer personal and direct treatments for the detox from opiates, alcohol and benzodiazepines. Dr. Steven Scanlan takes a one on one approach throughout the entire process and is available at all times during the detoxification period. It is very important to us that the client feels that they are receiving personal care from a highly trained doctor. Dr. Scanlan is Board Certified in both Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine (ASAM). He has done over 1,000 detoxes just in the last 2+ years alone. Medical detoxification takes place at Palm Beach Outpatient Detox (P.B.O.D) and most clients can begin detox within hours after contacting us.

Addiction: The Basics

Find out how to recognize the signs and symptoms of drug abuse or addiction in yourself or someone you care about. When these problems are faced and thoughtfully addressed, there is hope for overcoming drug abuse and addiction. Recovery from addiction is possible for anyone, and begins by asking for help. There are also a number of helpful links to help yourself or your loved one become more informed about the disease of addiction. Read More….

South Florida Detox Areas Served

We service all of South Florida including Palm Beach, Broward and Dade Counties.

It is customized psychiatric care and the benefit of having a direct doctor-patient partnership with your psychiatrist at all times.  Mental health is a work-in-progress.  The category of care is for those patients that require a higher level of care and more frequent contact with Dr. Scanlan.  Besides having set appointment times, concierge patients also have access to Dr. Scanlan’s direct patient line for communication after hours, if needed.  This higher level of care is typically reserved for professionals and those who might be more fragile and need more time to ensure success.