Opiate Outpatient Detox Program

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Our only goal is to assist you in detoxifying from opiates. Abstinence from all drugs is the only way to maintain sobriety.  So if you still think you are a candidate for detox, let’s see if you qualify for office based detox.

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Exclusions to Office Based Opiate Detox:

1) Anyone who has had hallucinations or seizures during previous withdrawal episodes or has had a difficult detoxification requiring hospitalization for 5 or more days.
2) Office Based detoxification is potentially inadvisable for individuals over sixty years of age.
3) Anyone with serious medical conditions such as organ transplant, history of arrhythmia or cardiac disease, liver or kidney failure, COPD, or sickle cell disease.

Treatment Plan:

Your first visit is generally the longest, and may last anywhere from 1 to 2 hours.

When preparing for your first office visit, there are a couple of logistical issues you may want to consider. You may not want to return to work after your visit. This is very normal, so just plan accordingly. It is very important to arrive for your first visit already experiencing mild to moderate opioid withdrawal symptoms. If you are in withdrawal, buprenorphine will help lessen the symptoms. However, if you are not in withdrawal, buprenorphine will “override” the opioids already in your system, which can cause severe withdrawal symptoms.

Before you can be seen by the doctor, all of your paperwork must be completed, so bring all your completed forms with you if you can or arrive about 15 minutes early. In addition, you will need to pay the doctor’s fees prior to treatment.

The following guidelines are provided to ensure that you are in withdrawal for the visit. (If this concerns you, it may help to schedule your first visit in the morning)

  • Some patients find the best plan is to not use any opiates after midnight the night before the first visit.
  • Bring all your medication bottles with you to your first appointment.

Urine drug screening is a regular feature of subutex/suboxone therapy, because it provides physicians with important insights into your health and your treatment. Your first visit will include urine drug screening and possibly an order for blood work. To help ensure that subutex®/suboxone® is the best treatment option for you, your doctor will perform a substance dependence assessment and mental status evaluation. Dr. Scanlan is a Certified Suboxone Provider. Lastly, you and your doctor will discuss subutex/suboxone and your expectations of treatment.  Your doctor may ask you to keep a record of any medications you take at home to control withdrawal symptoms. You will also receive instructions on how to contact your doctor in an emergency, as well as additional information about treatment.


  • Arrive with a full bladder.
  • Arrive experiencing mild to moderate opioid withdrawal symptoms.
  • Bring completed forms (or come 30 minutes early).See our Patient Forms or Contact Us for the required forms.
  • Bring ALL medication bottles.
  • Bring any recent lab work or medical reports from your physician.

Fee due at time of 1st visit (Visa, Mastercard, Amex or Cash). PBOD may accept your insurance…please call for insurance verification of benefits.

Follow Up Visits:

You will have several follow up visits to determine the detox taper schedule. Also, the last visit will be at the end of the subutex/suboxone taper, and non habit forming medications will be prescribed to target the mild withdrawal symptoms experienced after stopping subutex®/suboxone®.  The withdrawal from subutex/suboxone is similar to mild flu-like symptoms and can be comfortably managed with a tailored approach created by Dr. Scanlan. These medications are not needed for longer than a week.  Unfortunately, most detox places do not discuss what a patient experiences after completing the detox.  Dr. Scanlan knows that the first week after detox is the most critical, and the highest rate of relapse occurs during this time.  It is our priority that a patient will not get sick after completing his detox so he has the best chance of beginning his/her recovery program.

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