Do I Need Palm Beach Outpatient Detox?

You need a drug or alcohol detox program if the drugs/alcohol you’ve been taking:

1.  Have become addictive;
2.  Are not handling the problem for which they were originally prescribed;
3.  Are causing unwanted and unsafe side effects.

Simply discontinuing medication, alcohol or other drugs can be dangerous and create other potentially severe medical problems. The solution is a medical detoxification program designed specifically for you that will enable your safe detoxification from drugs. At Palm Beach Outpatient Detox, your drug detox program is designed for you by Dr. Scanlan after an extensive intake interview and analysis of your medical information and drug use. Once designed, each step of your drug detox is carefully monitored by Dr. Scanlan. Unlike at some facilities, during the monitoring of your program, we listen to you and value your input. When a drug detoxification is properly done, most people experience little discomfort. Our goal is that not only is your detoxification successful but also that it is as comfortable as possible.

Drug detox is a serious matter, which is why most prescription labels carry the warning to not stop taking the medication without consulting your physician. It is very dangerous to just stop taking most types of prescription drugs and it can be just as dangerous for alcoholics to stop using alcohol without a medically supervised detoxification program.

Palm Beach Outpatient Detox  vs. Rehab?

Drug detox programs are not the same as rehab programs. There is an important distinction between medical detoxification and a full drug rehab. A medical detoxification can take between seven and twenty-one days to safely withdraw from a drug. Drug Rehab can take weeks or months, and is designed to handle drug abuse and the underlying issues associated with such abuse. Some candidates for medical detox will not need extended alcohol or drug rehab. If you complete your detoxification program and decide that you want to explore some options for further rehab, our staff will help educate you on the rehab programs that are available.

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