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Medical detoxification starts at Palm Beach Outpatient Detox (P.B.O.D) and most clients can begin at home detox within hours after contacting us. Dr. Steven Scanlan takes a very personalized approach to our detoxification programs.

We offer several types of detox formats which include opiate detoxification programs utilizing buprenorphine (subutex®/suboxone®) to manage opiate withdrawal symptoms. Buprenorphine is a synthetic opiate agonist medication that has been approved by the FDA for treatment of opiate addiction. It enables Dr. Scanlan to offer a detoxification protocol for heroin addiction, methadone, oxycontin (oxycodone), vicodin (hydrocodone) and other similar narcotics which minimize the discomfort normally associated with detoxing from these highly addictive substances. The client can continue to work and carry on activities of daily living without major or significant impairment. Dr. Scanlan is a Certified Suboxone Provider. Other programs include outpatient detox from alcohol and benzodiazepines. 

During our prescreening procedure, we will help you to select the best recovery program based on your medical history, history of addiction and personality type. 

Patient Forms:

PBOD is committed to protecting your privacy. We follow strict HIPPA regulations and will sign a confidentiality agreement with each patient which guarantees that no information about the patient or their treatment will be disclosed to any person or agency without the patient’s express written permission. We are committed to protecting your privacy. 

On your first visit you will be asked to review our HIPAA compliance form and sign that you have been provided with the form and reviewed it. We may also ask you to sign a release of information from your previous healthcare provider, should you desire your records to be transferred to our facility. We will also ask for you to complete a patient medical history form and patient registration form. We are committed to protecting your privacy. 


A one-time fee includes full history and physical, addiction assessment, follow up visits, and physician charges. Our affordable detox services are completely confidential. 

PBOD may accept your insurance…please call for insurance verification of benefits. We can let you know if your insurance will cover our services within a couple of hours. 


Dr. Scanlan’s Goals For You:

    • Eliminate physical dependency on narcotics through an outpatient program. 
    • Assess and meet your specific medical needs. 
    • Assess and meet your psychological needs. 
    • Help you overcome the fear and isolation associated with chemical/alcohol dependency. 
    • Introduce you to the 12 Steps of recovery and provide you links to AA/NA  programs in your area. 
    • Help you to become a productive member of society and community work force. 
    • Involve your family and/or significant others in the rehabilitation process. (With your permission) 
    • Provide you with a relapse prevention program and ultimately guide you to a strong after care program.

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