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Substance Abuse: 4 Behavioral Signs Your Loved One May Need Help

When people are confronted about their substance abuse, they often underestimate how much and how often they use.

If you’re wondering whether a loved one is struggling with substance abuse, changes in behavior can signal something is wrong. Here are some key signs to look for when assessing a loved one’s need for outside help.


Failure To Fulfill Obligations

Repeated absences from work, school, family events, and more is not like them. They’re usually dependable, but now promises are broken and they can’t seem to do what they say they will do.

“They repeatedly show up to social engagements inebriated or are unable to show up at all due to the level of intoxication,” says Dr. Kasey Nichols NMD who is trained in administering both conventional and naturopathic medicine.

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