12 Step Recovery Support

Introduction To Sober Living

What does the addict / alcoholic do when they get out of inpatient rehab or inpatient detox?

They are told to go to meetings or therapy. The questions for the newcomer are where do I go to meetings, how do I get a sponsor, what are the 12 steps, and so on. Many of these questions are not specifically explained to a newcomer and they relapse many times because either they are afraid to ask questions or because the newcomer often feels awkward at meetings. Meetings should always convey a message of hope and recovery.

Our staff will explain what the program should do for you as defined by the 12 step literature. Our staff is very active in sponsorship and service in 12 step programs on the outside. Our staff, if requested, will personally take the you to your first couple of meetings to make sure that you get connected, that is find a sponsor, home group, solution oriented meetings, book meetings, etc.

PBOD offers individual instruction, if requested, on topics such as resume writing, setting up a computer, email, accountability, balancing a check book, finding an apartment/house, how to ask for a raise, website buidling, search engine optimization, Quickbooks, basic graphic programs, Powerpoint presentations, marketing, ad design, etc…..

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