Individual Therapy

Dr. Scanlan has a wealth of experience in practicing individual therapy.  Dr. Scanlan is residency trained in the techniques of cognitive behavioral therapy, supportive therapy, psychodynamic therapy, interpersonal therapy, family therapy, group therapy, and motivational enhancement therapy.  In the treatment of addiction he has found the most success with using the principles of motivational enhancement therapy.  Motivational enhancement therapy is non-judgmental, non-confrontational and non-adversarial. The approach attempts to increase the client’s awareness of the problems his or her addiction has caused, consequences experienced, and risks faced as a result of the behavior in question.  Motivational interviewing principles are used to strengthen motivation and build a plan for change. Coping strategies for high-risk situations are suggested and discussed with the client. Motivational interviewing (MI) is a client-centered, directive approach to enhance intrinsic motivation for behavior change by working with and resolving ambivalence.

Patients will meet with Dr. Scanlan usually one to two times a week for individual therapy.  A number of psychological issues will be addressed such as:

  • overcoming depression, anxiety, stress
  • creating intimacy and trust
  • strengthening self-esteem
  • developing healthy boundaries
  • dealing with grief, loss, loneliness
  • loving without addiction
  • overcoming codependency
  • resolving sexual difficulties
  • healing childhood wounds related to alcoholism, incest,
    and other traumas
  • incorporating therapy into your 12-step program
  • anger management
  • developing your ability to express healthy emotions
  • overcoming money and power struggles
  • handling addictions and compulsive behaviors
  • working through midlife crisis
  • exploring spiritual growth
  • clarifying healthy vs. toxic relationships
  • freeing creativity, spontaneity and jo
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