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‘Take Your Pills: Xanax’ Review: An Addiction That Plagued America

According to multiple research works, approximately 3.8 percent of the world population, i.e., approximately 284 million people suffer from anxiety disorders. Directed by Blair Foster, “Take Your Pills: Xanax,” the 2022 Netflix Documentary talks about how people in the United States of America try to escape the anxiety trap and the kind of implications their escape route has on them. In the modern medical system, we often try to get instant relief rather than eliminate the root cause of the problem. We are often oblivious to the side effects that a drug would have in the long term, and even if we know about it, we tend to ignore it. Xanax belongs to a class of drugs called benzodiazepines, and according to reports, more than 40 percent of its daily users become dependent upon it in the long run. “Take Your Pills: Xanax” serves as a brief commentary on the psychological issues faced by people in the United States and how they try to tackle the issue. Xanax was over prescribed by doctors at one stage, and it became the go-to magic pill in most cases. And why wouldn’t it? It helped people let go of their fears and apprehensions, and they felt like somebody had lifted the weight off their shoulders. The main issue was that the solution, in this case, was bigger than the problem, and the medical experts were totally unaware of it. Apart from getting addicted to Xanax, a lot of patients were also showing signs of a withdrawal syndrome when they tried to get off the medication. It was one of those rare times when the existence of a syndrome was detected by the patients instead of the medical experts. Though some patients were very happy with the result of the pill, there were others who found themselves in a greater mess and didn’t know how to come out of it.
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