selective focus of male hand with heroin dose in syringe

Can heroin cause heart problems?

Heroin is an illegal opioid that can negatively impact health. Like many illegal drugs, heroin can have adverse cardiovascular effects, such as irregular heart rates and heart attacks.

Additionally, injecting the substance can also lead to heart problems, such as collapsing veins and bacterial infections.

Heroin is derived from morphine, which occurs naturally in the seed pod of various opium poppy plants. However, it is twiceTrusted Source as potent as morphine. Its widespread misuse continues to be an epidemicTrusted Source causing social and health problems in many countries.

In 2020, around 902,000 Americans aged 12 and above used heroin in the past 12 months. In 2020, roughly 13,165 people died from an overdose involving heroin.

It may appear as a white or brown powder or a black solid or sticky tar. People often mix the powder with water and inject the substance into a vein. A person may also snort or smoke the substance.

Like most illegal drugs, heroin can significantly impactTrusted Source major organs, including the heart.

In this article, we will discuss what heroin does and how it affects the heart.

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