Is your doctor stoned? Physicians with substance abuse problems continue to work

We trust doctors with our lives. They’re supposed to take care of us. But physicians are only human.
Government studies indicate at least 100,000 doctors — or about one in 10 currently working — is addicted to drugs or alcohol. Some are performing surgeries while stoned, injuring and even killing unsuspecting patients, according to TODAY national investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen, who found numerous cases of doctors busted for substance abuse.
“There are doctors out there right now under the influence of prescription narcotics as we speak, putting patients at risk,” said Dr. Stephen Loyd, a Tennessee doctor speaking from personal experience.
“At my worst I was doing 100 pills a day, Vicodin mainly,” all while seeing patients, he told Rossen. Loyd, who has been clean for 10 years, said it still scares him to think about that period in his life.
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